We know that we all have questions that need answers and so we’ve tried to collate all the answers that we thought you might have about the Release the Kraken Block of the Month and put them here in one handy place for you to find them as you need them. We’ll keep updating and adding to this as we get the questions we’ve not thought of.

How long does the BoM run for? How many blocks are involved?

The BoM will run over a span of 12 months. There are 11 sections to make (one section per month) and then the final month will include assembly and backing. You can find the block order by clicking here.
I missed joining in the first month. Can I still play?

Yes of course you can! The brilliant thing about this BoM is you can join in at any time. You can purchase all the patterns at a one off price, or join in monthly, and catch up on any blocks you missed at a later date. You can read more information on how to join the BoM by clicking here.
What skill level is this BoM suitable for?

As this quilt has a mixture of blocks included in it, it is suitable for a confident beginner and beyond. The traditionally pieced blocks will require knowledge of quarter inch seams, and making HSTs (half square triangles). Instructions on how to make the HSTs for the blocks will be included in the block information. The other blocks are foundation pieced. This is a technique that involves sewing fabric onto paper in a certain order. You can find plenty of how-to tutorials and videos online and we’ll be sharing them on our blog and in our newsletter as we go along to help you out. Some blocks are a little more complex but once you have the technique of foundation piecing down, you can tackle pretty much any block – the technique is exactly the same, just smaller pieces.
How much fabric will I need?

We have a full list of fabric requirements in the subscriber information which you will receive as your first download. The finished quilt size is 60” x 80” to give you an idea. You can also find all the Kona Colours that Kristy used in her quilt. Angie’s version is more of a scrappy nature, working from her stash. Every month’s block will list how much fabric you need to make that block so you can work from this method too, rather than purchasing fabric specifically for the BoM. However, we are happy to be your enablers should you feel the need to buy more fabric.
Will you be selling the blocks in the Block of the Month individually?

We get this question a lot and the short answer is, no. The quilt has been designed to work together and so unlike the Beatles, we won’t be breaking it up. (And you thought Yoko was to blame!) However, on the 15th of each month we’ll be releasing a mini quilt pattern inspired by that months block. In some cases (the compass is the only case) we’ll release the block pattern so you can make it a mini quilt but in most cases we’ll release a similar pattern to the block pattern only we’ll have designed it to suit the aesthetics of a mini quilt. 
Ok, so where can I get these mini quilt patterns?

Once they’re released (the 15th of each month) you’ll be able to buy them directly from us here on the website or they’ll be available in our shop on Craftsy. 
I can’t find my pattern/get it to download. Help!

Firstly, make sure you check the email address that you use for your Paypal. That’s where your download confirmation will go to. If not there, check the Junk Folder – we all know how email loves to send things into random folders. We recommend downloading the PDFs to your computer, rather than to your phone/ipad. This is easier for downloading, and printing. If you’re still having an issue, email us at hello@quarterinchofquirk.com. But please remember we’re not IT gurus, we’re quilters! 😉
Release the Kraken? What kind of a name for a quilt is that?

Why an awesome one, of course. And a little bit quirky (just like us). Okay so no one actually asked us that question (and we’ll likely never be asked it!) but we just wanted an excuse to share this video

Do you have somewhere I can share my blocks that I’ve made?

Absolutely! We’d love to see them! Feel free to post them on Instagram and share them there. Tag us @quarterinchofquirk. Don’t forget to hashtag your post with #quarterinchofquirk and #ReleaseTheKrakenBoM so everyone can see your fantastic work!