Kristy is the creative genius behind Quiet Play Patterns. Kristy is also the Creative Director for Make Modern Magazine, a digital magazine produced in Australia.

Ten Things You Need to Know About Kristy

1. She can’t go past a good rainbow. Well any rainbow for that matter.

2. Has a slight interest (some may call it an obsession) with foundation paper piecing. Ok so she’ll actually paper piece anything and everything if possible.

3. She binge watches way more Netflix than she should probably admit to. Especially when quilting.

4. Hates orange but understands it’s an important part of the rainbow (see #1).

5. Is seriously mathematically challenged and has terrible spatial awareness. Hence she loves to paper piece and avoids parallel parking at all costs.

6. Takes a few too many shortcuts when quilting – and usually regrets them later

7. Has an exceptional collection of Timeless Treasures Sketch and Alison Glass’ Sunprints, adding them into almost all projects.

8. Refuses to be embarrassed by the size of her stash but may take a lifetime to get through it all.

9. Decided her first ever quilt project should be a Bargello and yet never finished it and has still never made one and never will.

10. Hates y-seams with a passion and the fire of a thousand suns so you’ll never find them in her pattern designs.

You can find Kristy in the following places: Craftsy | Instagram | Website | Pinterest

Angie is the immovable force behind GnomeAngel. Angie is also the back page columnist for Love Patchwork & Quilting, has her first book coming out in September 2017 and has slight tendencies towards the smart arse.

Ten Things You Need to Know About Angie

1. She’s addicted to sugar and she doesn’t care.

2. She proudly lists ‘rainbow’ as her favourite colour.

3. Fussy cutting is her weapon of choice.

4. She loves a good novelty print – the more unusual, humorous or unbalanced the better.

5. She loves a good air guitar/dance session while working in her sewing studio.

6. She doesn’t drink coffee (never had it), tea (never had it) or alcohol (has, but no longer can). Her drink of choice is Coke Zero.

7. She does her best work between the hours of 4am to 7am.

8. She’s married to the world’s most patient, understanding and tolerant man. (She’s acutely aware she got extremely lucky and dreads the day he realises he could do better!)

9. She would describe her fabric collection as “gluttonous”.

10. She loves playing World of Warcraft when she’s not tapping away at the computer or sitting at the sewing machine.

You can find Angie in the following places: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter